Quality Boots Are Produced

The Ryongsong Disabled Soldiers’ Injection-moulded Boots Factory, located on the outskirts of Pyongyang, is producing lots of quality boots.

In recent years, officials of the factory have promoted the work to domestically produce locally-available raw and other materials in reliance upon its scientific and technical personnel. They also secured a guarantee for producing quality boots of various forms and patterns by making efforts to put production lines on a modern and scientific footing.

In the new year, they set recycling as an important management strategy while readjusting and reinforcing the material and technical foundations and drew up a plan to produce hundreds of thousands of boots.

They are economizing in labour, materials and electricity by recycling waste plastics and introducing several technical innovation plans, and improving the colour and quality of goods and boosting production.

They are also producing hard boards and nutritive rice-seedling beds by recycling all the byproducts.

The single-colour boots, short boots, high-heeled boots, injection-moulded shoes and other products of the factory are gaining public favour.

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