National Symphony Orchestra Gives Concert

The National Symphony Orchestra gave a concert at the Moranbong Theatre on February 16 in celebration of the Day of the Shining Star (Chairman Kim Jong Il’s birth anniversary), the greatest national holiday.

The concert was seen by the working people in Pyongyang.

It began with orchestral music “The Snow Is Falling”. Its repertoire included male solo “The General Is the Son of the Guerrillas”.

Through a solemn music and presentation, the performers depicted the immortal feats of Chairman Kim Jong Il who was born as the son of Mt Paektu and devoted his all to the development of the country and prosperity of all generations to come.

The audience kept more deeply in their minds the faith that Kim Jong Il, who took warm care of the destiny and future of the people, will always live in the hearts of the Korean people as a beaming image of the Sun.

Orchestral music for piano “We Will Be Loyal to You Generation after Generation” was applauded by the audience for showing well the single mind of all the people across the country to uphold with loyalty the leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who is carrying forward the idea and cause of Kim Jong Il most faithfully.

The concert ended with orchestral music “We’ll Travel One Road Forever”.

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