With Parental Affection

In the days of leading the Korean revolution, Chairman Kim Jong Il visited many families in different parts of the country and took warm care of their living with parental affection.

The ordinary families of discharged soldiers in Taehongdan County of Ryanggang Province and Poman-ri in Sohung County of North Hwanghae Province are associated with his loving care.

In March Juche 89 (2000), he provided on-site guidance at the Taehongdan County General Farm. Busy as he was with state affairs, he called at the house of Min Won Sik, ex-soldier who had volunteered to work at the farm.

That day, Min’s wife asked Kim Jong Il in whispers to name her expected baby with no feeling of shyness. Later, the Chairman said it would be good to name it Tae Hong if it was a boy and Hong Dan if it was a girl.

Pak Yong Chol, a farmer in Poman-ri, keeps hanging the reply letter Kim Jong Il sent to his family on the wall of his house.

In July 2001, Kim Jong Il dropped in at his house in Poman-ri which was turned into a socialist paradise. He asked the couple of ex-service personnel to write a letter to him when electrification came true to enable them to cook foods and heat rooms by means of electric power.

Later, the couple wrote a letter to Kim Jong Il, who replied to them.

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