Earnest Request

Chairman Kim Jong Il always asked officials to do something good for the people whenever he met with them during his field guidance trips.

One day in December Juche 87 (1998), he gave an instruction to officials that they should find their pleasure in doing anything for the benefit of people.

He said in the following vein: I am relieved of my fatigue and feel refreshed when I am told that the people have come to be well-off though I am working with having an inadequate sleep and foregoing meals. I find my pleasure and happiness in the people’s delight and wellbeing. Officials should make painstaking efforts for the sake of people.

In June 2002, he visited the newly-built Taedonggang Brewery. Expressing satisfaction, he repeatedly asked its officials to design all their affairs with an eye to ensuring the people’s life even in the distant future and translate them into practice.

The Pothonggang Shop, a service centre for the good of people, is also associated with his leadership exploits.

In August 2009, he visited the newly-built shop. Noting that it is the Party’s will and determination to provide our people with the best things, he stressed the need for its employees to remain true to the mission as the faithful servants of the people and make devoted efforts to provide them with more affluent life at the earliest possible date.

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