Among the People Throughout His Life

Chairman Kim Jong Il was among his people throughout his life, devoting his all for them.

Always modest and unassuming, he was always among the people since his childhood, and cared for them.

After the liberation of the country (August 1945), he accompanied his parents, who were visiting various places of the country, and witnessed the enthusiasm displayed by the people who had turned out to the building of new Korea and their struggle. In Juche 35 (1946), he used to go to the Pothong River improvement project site to help the adults in their work.

In 1961, when he was studying at Kim Il Sung University, he took part in a road widening project on the section between Wasan-dong and Ryongsong in Pyongyang. At the time, he went to the project site by public bus.

He used to volunteer to do labour intensive work, like hammering and carrying earth on a shoulder pole; he participated in recreation parties and took lunch with constructors.

One day, when an old lady was trying to dig up pieces of coal which were buried there, thinking it would have been a waste to leave them buried, he helped her. When she was feeling sorry after learning who he was, he dissuaded her from expressing thanks to him, saying that he was also a son of the working people.

In the whole course of leading the Korean revolution, he devoted his heart and soul for the people’s wellbeing.

When he visited factories, he would inquire into the working and living conditions of the workers, holding their hands stained with grease; when he visited farms, he would learn the living conditions of the farmers, sometimes transplanting rice seedlings with them.

He ensured that the demands of the people and convenience of their lives were fully satisfied when building houses and designing streets, and factories and power plants were built so that they could contribute to promoting the people’s wellbeing.

Once a meeting was held at a steel complex; there officials of the complex made an apology in front of the workers for the low temperature in the canteen for the smelters. This meeting was held according to the measure taken by Kim Jong Il who felt the discomfort the people experienced in their life as his own.

Various places of the country bear the footprints of him who regarded the people’s happiness as a source of his pleasure and delight.

As he carefully listened even to the ordinary people, their simple opinions were reflected in the line and policy of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea and monumental edifices and assets for the happiness of the people were created across the country.

When the country was undergoing the worst-ever trials owing to the moves of the imperialists to isolate and suffocate the DPRK and the natural disasters that hit the country for several consecutive years, the people-oriented social policies were continued to be enforced and the people-centred socialism was firmly defended. This was an outcome of Kim Jong Il’s ennobling mission of serving the people.

Kim Jong Il lives in the hearts of the Korean people as their great father, and his immortal exploits are shining still today in his country, where the peoples’ ideals are coming true under the wise leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

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