To Provide Powerful Military Capability

It is a common aspiration and desire of the mankind to live a dignified and happy life in a peaceful environment.

But it does not come true of its own accord. It can be realized only under the guidance of an outstanding leader.

The history of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea clearly proves that it is a great fortune for a country and nation to uphold a brilliant leader.

Thanks to the leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Il, the Korean people could defend their destiny and dignity and build up their country in accordance with their own will even in the face of sanctions, blockade and military moves by the allied imperialist forces to suffocate the country.

Kim Jong Il was a brilliant commander who defended the destiny of the country and nation by building up the military strength.

Throughout his tenure as the country’s top leader, the DPRK was faced with worst adversities decisive of the destiny of its people.

Socialism had collapsed in several countries and the cold war brought to an end. Availing themselves of this occasion, the allied imperialist forces grew more vicious in their attempt to crush the DPRK, with the result that manifold hardships cropped up on the road ahead of it.

In this critical period, Kim Jong Il opened up an era of great change on this land while firmly defending the country by dint of Songun-based leadership.

Although he felt painful at the sight of factories which had stopped operation and people who were suffering difficulties in living, he continued the inspection of army units.

It was because strengthening the army was the only way for defending the destiny of the country and the people and improving the living standards of the people by revitalizing the economy.

His Songun politics was geared to building up strong military power with which to defend the destiny of the country and the people.

Many heart-touching anecdotes arose telling his devotion and painstaking efforts—story of his catnaps and rice-balls, story of how he warmed his frozen feet in cold water and the story of the discoloured parka he used to wear during those days.

With a firm willpower and noble patriotic intention, he inspected one frontline unit after another, during which he gave machine guns, automatic rifles and binoculars to the soldiers there as souvenirs and instilled ever-victorious tactics and unparalleled courage in them.

In the period when the hostile forces went to the extremes in their schemes to isolate and stifle the DPRK, he set forth the line of economic construction in the Songun era on developing national defence industry on a priority basis and simultaneously developing light industry and agriculture. It was a great and courageous decision that nobody else could make.

Convinced that it was possible to strengthen the country’s military power and defend socialism only when the national defence industry was built up by the country’s own effort, he directed painstaking efforts to the development of the country’s defence industry.

He continuously visited the munitions factories and led them to produce a larger number of efficient weapons which were suited to the specific conditions of the country and the requirements of modern warfare.

Thanks to his strenuous efforts and wise guidance over the country’s defence science and munitions industry, the Korean People’s Army could grow up into a strong army which is equipped with both powerful offensive and defensive means and into an army which no enemy can belittle, however formidable it may be.

And thanks to his continuous Songun-based leadership, the national might was markedly strengthened centred on military power.

Under his guidance, the KPA satisfactorily performed its mission and role not only as the defender of the socialist country but also as the architect of the people’s happiness, and as the main pillar in the effort to build a powerful country.

Thanks to the achievements he made for building up the military might, the DPRK is now demonstrating its dignity as a world-class political and military power and its bright future as a socialist power, self-sufficient and self-reliant, is assured.

It is by no means fortuitous that the Korean people still remember the immortal exploits Kim Jong Il performed to provide a sure military guarantee for defending the sovereignty of their country and nation.

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