Which Is Priority, Quality or Quantity?

The following happened in January Juche 100 (2011), when Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the Jongbang Foodstuff Cooperative in the city of Sariwon and saw its products on show.

Feasting his eyes on one product after another, he said that the cooperative had been renowned for its excellent pickled vegetables, and went over the displayed products with keen interest.

An official of the cooperative, who had felt awkward to show the Chairman their simple products, was very pleased to see him recalling their products and speaking highly of them.

Looking around the accompanying officials, the Chairman expressed his delight to see pickled green chilli and water dropwort among the products on show.

He then urged the official of the cooperative to raise the quality of products by taking into account scientific and technical calculations, so as to make them signature products of his province.

The official could not easily believe what the Chairman had said, as he thought that the products on display were insignificant.

Kim Jong Il continued that provinces were trying to increase the varieties of foodstuffs, instead of turning out foodstuffs unique to them.

Listening to his instructions, the official keenly felt that the uniqueness of a product depended on quality, not quantity.

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