Kim Jong Il’s Pleasure

The following happened in September Juche 88 (1999) when Chairman Kim Jong Il visited a pleasure ground after looking round a power station not far from it.

The pleasure ground looked like a scroll of painting as it was densely forested by fir trees, spruces and weeping willows.

When he reached a small pond near a green, an official of the pleasure ground told him that it was laid out as an angling site and that it was teeming with grass fishes, silver carps and carps there.

Saying that when he went to Wonsan he had seen a large number of people enjoying themselves at Songdowon, he asked him if many people visited the pleasure ground, too.

When the official answered that many people came on holidays and off-days with their families or colleagues to have a barbecue and enjoy themselves, he was so happy.

He said with a broad smile on his face: It would be better to enjoy picnic foods out of doors rather than to have a meal at restaurants; when Pyongyang citizens have a picnic on Moran Hill and in the pleasure ground on Mt Taesong, they do not have meals at restaurants but tend to have the foods they prepared by themselves, sitting in a circle under trees with a family as a unit.

Then he said the pleasure ground was wonderfully built in a unique style and highly appreciated the labour feats of the officials and builders who took part in its construction.

Indeed, for Kim Jong Il who found his pleasure in bringing laughter and joy to the people, nothing was trifling if it was for their sake.

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