Japanese Reactionaries’ Moves for Seizing Tok Islets Censured

Japan is getting more and more impudent in its moves for seizing a foreign territory.

The Japanese regime is now running a website advertising its “territorial claim”, continuously adding distorted data to it.

A few days ago, it opened to the public 57 pieces of information about Tok Islets, saying that they can serve as “valid historical data” proving its “dominium over Tok Islets”.

Japan is hyping the “validity” of its “dominium over Tok Islets”, a part of the Korean nation’s territory handed down generation after generation, citing fake data without any historical and legal grounds. Such reckless moves are arousing bitterer indignation of the Korean nation against Japan.

Despite the opposition and rejection by the international community, Japan sticks to the moves for seizing Tok Islets while expanding its “Self-Defense Forces” in terms of both quality and quantity. All these moves are aimed at realizing its wild ambition for reinvasion.

It is the main goal sought by the Japanese reactionaries to invade Tok Islets as a prelude to its reinvasion, and by taking advantage of this, ignite a large-scale war for conquering the Korean peninsula and the rest of the Asian continent.

To this end, they are persistently instilling the wild ambition for territorial expansion into the minds of the Japanese people.

They approved the introduction of textbooks describing Tok Islets as “Japanese soil” into education of students. They are striving to implant the wild ambition for aggression through the “exhibition of territorial sovereignty”.

Belligerent remarks calling for seizing Tok Islets through a war are heard not only from individual politicians but also at a meeting of dietmen held in the Diet building. They are making desperate efforts to make the issue of Tok Islets the topic of international territorial dispute, while calling for “referring it to the International Court of Justice”.

There is a saying that ten years are enough to change mountains and rivers, but Japan remains utterly unchanged in its wild ambition for reinvading Korea.

Japan, which had been engrossed in murder, arson, plunder and looting of resources during its colonial rule over Korea, inflicting untold misfortune upon the Korean people, is the sworn enemy of the Korean nation.

The war criminal state Japan is running amuck to launch reinvasion while fabricating information about Tok Islets, far from honestly reflecting upon its crime-woven history of aggression and making a sincere apology to the Korean nation.

This is an intolerable insult to the Korean nation, an act of rubbing salt into the unhealed wounds it had suffered during Japan’s decades-long colonial rule. This is, at the same time, banditry reminiscent of a guilty party filing the suit first.

It is a foolish daydream of Japan to revive the past when it occupied the Korean peninsula by means of force and fabrication.

The Korean nation will never overlook the moves of the island nation to seize a part of its dear territory bequeathed by its ancestors.

The Japanese reactionaries should not run riot, well aware of the disaster to be entailed by their gangster-like moves to deprive the Korean nation of its territory.


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