Speech Made by Secretary of WPK Central Committee

Jo Yong Won, secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, at the plenary meeting made a brief on the activities of Party organizations at all levels for inspiring officials, Party members and other working people greatly encouraged by the idea and spirit of the 8th Party Congress to the implementation of the decisions made at the Party Congress and referred to the serious mistakes being witnessed among some officials.

Pointing out the issue that the light industry sector lowered the whole plan for the production of consumer goods with a complaint of conditions, the issue that the construction sector dared to bring down the goal of building 10 000 dwelling houses this year, which the Party Central Committee had promised to the Pyongyang citizens, the issue that the electric-power industry sector artificially lowered the plan of electric-power production with indifference to the urgent demand from economic construction and the people’s living, the issue that the fishing sector did not prepare itself for supplying fishes to the people through positive fishing activities, etc., he sharply criticized senior officials of the Party Central Committee and the government who are responsible for inadequately setting the indices of major plans.

He made a strong reprehension that the above-said mistakes show they are unhesitatingly abandoning even the decisions of the Party Congress and the pledge taken before the people, stuck with extreme passivism and self-protectionism, and such deeds should be considered as absolutely intolerable anti-Party, anti-popular act against the idea and intention of Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the WPK.

He said that the Party organizations would never remain indifferent to the officials who neglect their duties, untrue to the leadership idea of the General Secretary and hinder the progress and renovation while only taking care of their positions, but severely censure them.

He said that the Party organizations would make correct appraisal of everyone with the loyalty to the revolution as the main criterion, decisively improve the work with leading functionaries, Party members and other masses and, in particular, be strict with officials who take an important share in the implementation of the decisions of the Party Congress and this year’s work, so as to make them attain actual good results.

He noted that he would make all the Party organizations effectively carry out the organizational and political work for implementing the Party’s decisions, positively support the work of administrative and economic officials and further elate the spirit of the masses with fresh methods of working with them.

He took a pledge before the plenary meeting that he would steadily intensify the Party guidance to make every unit work and seethe with revolutionary enthusiasm as required by the present stirring era and devote his all to making everything planned and intended by the General Secretary be carried out most correctly and perfectly.

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