Speech Made by Premier of the Cabinet

Fully supporting and approving the programmatic report made by Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Kim Tok Hun, premier of the Cabinet, expressed the responsible determination of the Cabinet to find out correct scientific methods for implementing the decisions made at the Party Congress and bring about substantial renovation in the economic work.

Seriously reflecting on how the Cabinet failed to set this year’s goal true to the Party’s intention but submitted the planned figures devoid of development-oriented character, dynamism, perseverance and scientific accuracy, he said the Cabinet would strive to live up to the expectation of the people by readily shouldering a heavy work as the General Secretary stressed repeatedly.

He said that the Cabinet would work out innovative economic plan for this year with the strategy for readjustment and reinforcement and self-reliance set forth by the Party as the key point of the economic work and positively and bravely solve main problems arising in improving the methods of economic management.

He pledged to perfect feasible methodology for making the working people practical master of economic management by correctly enforcing the socialist system of responsible business operation while readjusting and rearranging system and order of economic work and practicing the unified guidance and strategic management of the state over economic work.

He emphasized that the Cabinet would make sure all the sectors and units of the national economy actively push forward domestic production of equipment and materials in line with the requirements of the principle of nationwide, planned and scientific self-reliance set forth by the 8th Party Congress and concentrate efforts on the fields of metallurgical and chemical industries to lay a foundation for producing and supplying a sufficient amount of iron and steel and chemical products.

He noted that the Cabinet would push ahead with the work of readjusting and reinforcing the current production processes in different sectors of the national economy from this year and direct efforts into the projects in which ten achievements can be made from one success, so as to create one foundation after another for sustainable production growth.

Saying that the way to carry out this year’s high goal depends on radical renovation in ideological viewpoint and work attitude of officials, he called on the members of the Cabinet to firmly switch economic work to the one of aspiring after and encouraging fresh innovation, bold creation and ceaseless advance with unusual readiness and a sense of responsibility.

He made a solemn determination to redouble efforts to implement without fail this year’s economic plan with persevering practice, bearing deep in mind the General Secretary said that the work of the Cabinet precisely means the work of the Party Central Committee and the implementation of the decisions of the 8th Party Congress constitutes the work of the Cabinet and it should launch work in a daring manner.

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