Speech Made by Minister of Chemical Industry

Ma Jong Son, minister of Chemical Industry, made a speech at the plenary meeting.

He said that Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, in his report made at the historic 8th Party Congress put an emphasis on transforming the structure of the country’s chemical industry into that of a Juche-based industry relying on domestic technical force and raw materials, pledging to make this year a year of a decisive turn in consolidating the self-supporting foundation of the chemical industry under the uplifted banner of self-reliance.

He said he would make sure that the operational plans for carrying out the militant goal for this year are worked out in detail on the basis of scientific calculation and that officials become hands-on and field officer-type officials who devotedly carry out tasks entrusted to them and steadily learn new things and create something in a bold way, always bearing in mind that whether the Party policies are carried out or not entirely depends on them.

He stressed that he would build reliable technical force and bring up promising talents to provide a firm guarantee for ensuring sustained development of the chemical industry as a whole, including C1 chemical industry, on a high scientific and technological foundation, bearing deep in mind that neither the success in fulfilling the fighting tasks for this year nor the future prospect can be expected without relying on the advanced science and technology and talents.

He pledged to map out realistic plans for remodelling and modernization of factories and enterprises in the chemical industry sector and make sure that people benefit from them and open up the future of the chemical industry on the principle of looking 50 or 100 years ahead, setting it as an important task to push ahead with the work of perfecting the structure of the chemical industry on a long-term basis.

He evinced to push forward the project of expanding the nitrogen fertilizer production capacity and the updating of sodium carbonate production process to unconditionally finish them within this year as pledged before the Party Central Committee. He also vowed to meticulously organize economic work for carrying out the national economic plans so that fertilizer factories would implement the plan for the supply of nitrogen fertilizer for farming within the set period and sufficiently produce major chemical products.

He made a firm pledge to fulfill his heavy duty before the Party and the people in a responsible manner, bearing deep in mind the earnest teachings of the General Secretary that the chemical industry is a key link in the whole chain of economic development and the lifeline for the improvement of people’s living, and thus to make our people benefit from the chemical industry without fail.

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