Speech Made by Director of Central Public Prosecutors Office

U Sang Chol, director of the Central Public Prosecutors Office, made a speech at the plenary meeting.

He expressed his determination to direct all his efforts to firmly guaranteeing the fulfillment of a new five-year plan by law true to the important tasks set forth by Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, at the 8th Congress of the Party.

Saying he would ensure that legal measures are taken to make every field and enterprise thoroughly implement the Party’s economic policy, he said that he would thoroughly restrain and control all acts of curbing the Cabinet from playing the leading role, find out every factor becoming an obstacle in readjusting and reinforcing the metallurgical, chemical, electric power, coal and other major industrial sectors and take powerful measures against it and tighten the legal control over relevant units so that they could not stick it out when they failed to supply goods of cooperative production in a responsible way.

He stressed that he would aggressively and successively keep strong legal watch over units which wantonly violate the socialist economic management order within their own enclosure on the strength of “special organs” out of legal control, intensify the education in law observance among the economic officials so that they could observe the socialist principle conscientiously and uphold the Party’s economic policy sincerely, and thus prevent in advance illegal factors infringing upon the state economic management system and order.

He said he would make sure that there won’t be such phenomena as conniving at and fostering illegal acts, bearing in mind that if the legal struggle is not conducted on the Party’s and class principles, the Party’s economic policy cannot be thoroughly carried out and all sorts of unsound practices will be rampant and that the success or failure in carrying out the Party’s economic policy depends on how public prosecutors wage this struggle.

He pledged to thoroughly reject phenomena that judicial officials fall in or make compromise over and concession to acts of defaulting on the Party’s economic policy, being soaked in defeatism, and to intensify the struggle as a resolute and strict defender of the Party’s economic policy.

He said that every official of the prosecutorial institutions would accept the militant tasks set forth by the General Secretary as the supreme order, conduct dynamic legal struggle for successfully carrying out the five-year plan for the national economic development and for reliably defending the socialist economic system and thus fulfill their noble mission and duty before the Party and the revolution, the country and the people.

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