With Affection for and Trust in People

The Workers’ Party of Korea with a 75-year-long history is being strengthened and developed into a party enjoying the absolute support and trust of the masses of the people and into a party which formed an integral whole with them.

Throughout the history of leading the WPK, Chairman Kim Jong Il formulated the Party’s lines and policies by synthesizing the demands and aspirations of the people and thoroughly applied them to revolutionary practice. For him, the people were always his mentors, and their will and interests were the starting point in working out the WPK’s lines and policies.

From the first period of his leadership over the WPK, he always went deep among the people and listened to their opinions, thus ensuring the Party formulated its lines and policies in reflection of their demands and aspirations. He was always on board the people-bound train and threw in his lot with them. He considered the people’s simple opinions when formulating the policies; and when he heard something was created, he first asked if the people liked it. Indeed, their happiness was his pleasure.

Always on a journey of on-site guidance, he ensured that the WPK embodied the people’s demands and aspirations in its lines and policies for each period of the revolution and construction.

He led the WPK to set it as the supreme principle of its activities to improve their material and cultural life.

Having put forward the slogan “We serve the people!” in his early years of leading the revolution and construction, he led all Party organizations and officials to become the faithful servants of the people.

On February 5, Juche 96 (2007) he visited the Chongjin Condiments Factory. Here is a moving story about soybean paste.

An official of the factory told him that the factory produced soybean paste with the natural flavour by cultivating fermented bean bacteria.

After hearing him out, Kim Jong Il said that if so, its soybean paste would taste different from those of other condiments factories. After he was immersed in deep thought for a while, he continued: There is a saying that soybean paste tastes different depending on the touch of the housewives who make soybean paste; but now that soybean paste production has been put on an industrial basis, soybean paste products should be standardized lest soybean paste should taste different from one condiments factory to another.

In order to improve the people’s living standards, he continuously visited factories, rural communities, fishing villages and different other parts across the country.

Thanks to his sagacious leadership, warm affection for and trust in his people, a solid foundation for improving the people’s standard of living was laid in such a trying period of the Arduous March: The farm fields across the country were realigned into standardized ones and industrial establishments, fish and fruit farms and modern bases for people’s cultural and leisure activities were mushroomed.

Kim Jong Il built the WPK into a motherly party which provides the people with a valuable political integrity and leads them along the road of genuine life.

Regarding the work with people as the main aspect of Party work, he led Party officials to take good care of their political integrity in a responsible manner with deep trust in and love for them. The politics pursued by the WPK which takes motherly care of the people made it possible that they cherished in their hearts the will to share weal and woe with the Party forever, and constituted the source of ideological and mental strength which linked the Party and the masses with ties of blood.

The Korean people call the WPK a motherly party of their own accord. Regarding the devotion to the WPK as the noblest expression of conscience and moral obligation, they have supported its leadership faithfully and remain boundlessly loyal to it.

Indeed, it was thanks to the wise leadership of Kim Jong Il that the WPK could be strengthened and developed into a single-heartedly united party which has formed a harmonious whole with the masses and into an invincible party which has struck its roots deep among them and enjoys their support.

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