Efficient Prospecting Equipment Developed

Of late, the Ministry of Natural Resources Development is making achievement in prospecting underground resources by developing efficient equipment.

In collaboration with Phyongsong University of Coal Mining Industry, it developed a new type of probe for precision prospecting. It also ensured the scientific accuracy in prospecting spa and ground water by introducing an underwater camera which can work in high water temperature and pressure.

The Unsan Prospecting Machine Factory designed and manufactured a drilling machine needed in prospecting underground ultra-saline water, and the Central Physical Prospecting Company enhanced the accuracy of prospecting underground resources against the previous period by upgrading the performance of magnetic field measuring instrument and other physical prospecting equipment.

The South Hamgyong Provincial Prospecting Management Bureau and the South Phyongan Provincial Hydrogeological Prospecting Corps are ensuring the prospecting speed by manufacturing drill bit and other boring tools by themselves.

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