Unusual Order

Triplets were born in a mountainous village in an area along the Military Demarcation Line in Kangwon Province in early July Juche 83(1994).

Medical workers took every measure they could that day, but the babies were in a bad state of health.

Due to downpour, roads got rough and the locals were trapped. Therefore, the villagers and medical workers were worried about the life of the triplets.

On hearing the sad news about the demise of President Kim Il Sung that came like a bolt from the blue, the mother of the triplets wailed bitterly and lost consciousness.

At that time, an order to arrange an urgent flight to Changdo-ri in Kimhwa County for the transport of the triplets and their mother in a critical state was conveyed to the relevant officials through telephone and telegraph.

Chairman Kim Jong Il, though grieving over the demise of the father of the nation more than anyone else, issued the order to fly the mother and her babies to the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital and save them at any cost.

An Indian sociologist expressed his impression as to the surprising reality: “Nowhere else in the world across all ages can be found such a fact that the leader of one country who was in mourning for his deceased father sent a plane for newborn triplets and their mother. No one except God of human beings can bestow such a favour.” 

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