By Stimulating Interest in Products Show

The Pyongyang Leather Shoes Factory is making achievement in producing shoes diverse and smart in shapes and colour by stimulating the interest in products show.

The show is aimed at producing quality leather shoes as suited to the tastes, aesthetic sense, physical constitutions and age of users and seasons. Great importance is given to the public judgement. The employees’ opinions on the exhibits are embodied in production.

Kim Myong Suk, a worker of the cutting workshop, said: In the past I failed to take an active part in the show as I thought I was satisfied only with the fulfillment of my own tasks. But I began to make strenuous efforts, seeing that my colleagues’ opinions were highly appreciated in the shows and introduced into production.

The factory’s products got high appraisals in the national spring footwear show-2019 and other fairs.

Its Nalgae-brand leather shoes are winning popularity among users.

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