Recollection on a Significant Morning

On the morning of February 8, Juche 37 (1948), President Kim Il Sung was getting ready to go to the square of Pyongyang Railway Station for the ceremony for the founding of the Korean People’s Army as regular revolutionary armed forces.

His wife Kim Jong Suk, the anti-Japanese war heroine, told him that she thought he was suitably dressed for the meaningful day when a parade of the army was to be held.

Agreeing that it was a significant and historic day, Kim Il Sung recalled in deep emotions: It seems only yesterday that I proclaimed the founding of the Anti-Japanese People’s Guerrilla Army in Antu, Northeast China, wearing a military uniform made by my mother in her sickbed; 16 years have already passed since then; we shed much blood and surmounted many hardships during those days; but as we prepared the backbone of the revolutionary army and gained rich experience while waging the anti-Japanese armed struggle, we could wind up preparations for the founding of the People’s Army in time even in the difficult and complicated situation prevailing after the country’s liberation.

After a while, he told his wife, who was moved to tears, to go to the square together with him and their son and see the majestic parade of the People’s Army which would defend the dignity and honour of the Korean nation by force of arms.

Then, he headed for the square, together with her and their young son Kim Jong Il.

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