Natural Monument—Rhododendron yedoense Community of Mt Myohyang

The Rhododendron yedoense Community of Mt Myohyang rooted in front of the Pulyong Hermitage of Mt Myohyang in Hyangam-ri, Hyangsan County, North Phyongan Province. It sprawls over an area of 500 square metres.

Its height is 2 metres on average and 2.9 metres to the maximum, and its crown is 4.9 metres wide.

Two or three purple double flowers come into full bloom at the end of sprays for about 20 days from late April to May.

The full-bloomed Rhododendron yedoense presents a sea of flowers in harmony with its surrounding thick forests.

The community is under preservation as a natural monument as it adds more beauty to the scenery of Mt Myohyang, a superb scenic beauty of the country.

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