Four Objects Inscribed with National and Local Intangible Cultural Heritage

Four objects have recently been inscribed with national and local intangible cultural heritage in the country.

Among the national intangible cultural heritage are legends about Moran Hill and Mt Myohyang, which show in a narrative way the Korean people’s noble patriotism and sentiments associated with the scenic spots of Korea.

The legends include such stories as “General Ulmil,” “Chongnyu Pavilion on a Moonlit Night,” “History of Sunodong,” “Sonyu Peak and Haemosu,”etc., which have been handed down along with celebrated mountains.

The wedding ceremony custom, one of traditional etiquette of the Korean nation, was also inscribed on the national intangible cultural heritage list. It is a valuable cultural heritage which shows well the emotion, morality and beautiful manners peculiar to the nation through the procedures of wedding ceremony, preparations for wedding clothes of bride and bridegroom, wedding tables, etc.

Haeju boiled rice mixed with spices, vegetables and meat is a special food of South Hwanghae Province. Listed as a local intangible cultural heritage, it showcases the wisdom of the Korean people who have made effective use of various locally-available materials in their diet.

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