Natural Monument—Cliff of Talhaesan Fortress

The cliff of Talhaesan fortress, the highest and longest one in the central part of Korea, stands in Saengyang-ri, Sinphyong County, North Hwanghae Province.

Formed by the effects of fold and erosion of quartzite in the Mesoproterozoic era, it is 50 to 60m high and about 100m long.

Mt Paengyon (1 341m) and the main peaks of the Ahobiryong Mountains are found in its vicinity, and the terrains are characterized by steep inclines and ravines.

Pine, oak and other plants grow on the walls of the cliff.

The locals in the areas call the cliff stretching like a high fortress on a mountain “Talhaesan fortress.”

This typical quartzite cliff in the Mesoproterozoic era is under protection as a natural monument for its academic significance.

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