Japan’s Inhumanity by Residency-General

One hundred and fifteen years ago the Japanese imperialists set up in Korea their residency-general, a vicious ruling machine, and violated the sovereignty of Korea ruthlessly.

In November 1905 they fabricated the “Ulsa five-point treaty” to establish their colonial rule over Korea by force of threat and blackmail and compulsion. On February 1, 1906 they set up the residency-general in Korea and imposed the colonial rule using the machinery.

The resident-general was the highest ruler over Korea with all the powers of legislation, judicature, administration and full command of the armed forces.

The resident-general in Korea, under the direct control of the Japanese king, was authorized to suspend and abrogate the law or treaty regarding diplomatic matters on behalf of the Japanese government, detain Koreans by promulgating the decree of the resident-general, and order the use of armed forces, etc.

The rule by the resident-general subjected the Korean people to immeasurable misery.

The Japanese imperialists brutally oppressed and slaughtered Korean patriots who they regarded as the obstacle to their colonial rule, and enacted a lot of draconian laws including the “law on mining” and the “Korea-Japan fishery agreement” to realize their domination over Korea.

In 1910 they renamed the resident-general in Korea the government-general in Korea and employed the oppressive rule unprecedented in the world history of colony until their defeat in August 1945.

They seized all the political freedom and rights of the Korean people, brutally clamped down on their national liberation movement, obliterated the long history and culture of the nation and plundered material resources in large quantities.

They also forcibly drafted over 8.4 million Korean people for the slave labour and cannon fodders and took over 200 000 Korean women to sexual slaves for their troops.

Meanwhile, they attempted to instill into the Koreans the idea of “Japan and Korea being one” and “subjects of the Japanese empire” in order to keep Korea under their occupation permanently.

The Korean people clearly remember the inhumane crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists, and they are determined to make them pay dearly.

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