Cradle of Orphans

The Pyongyang Primary School for Orphans is a cradle of learning and happiness for orphans.

All facilities including the school building and boarding house meet architectural, pedagogical and hygienic demands on a high level.

In particular, the walls of the corridors are decorated with a variety of pictures from animations and fairy tales. As the pictures are of high visual quality, scientific accuracy and liveliness, the corridors are conducive to learning knowledge and common sense.

Now that it has all favourable conditions and environment for education, the school is striving to improve the qualifications of teachers and create the teaching methods that keep with psychological characteristics of the children.

Its teachers have been highly appreciated in national symposiums on teaching methods and teaching contests of schools for orphans, and under their guidance the children cultivate their talents to their heart’s content.

Many of its students who attend extracurricular courses, have won titles in national festivals of calligraphy and pencil drawing, as well as “Our School” Literature prize.

Its students won the technical award in the National Sports Games of Orphans-2018 and the first prize in the national art performance contest of orphans in 2019.

It is their dream and hope to be famous scientists, athletes, artistes, soldiers and heroes in the future.

In the school, the orphans live full of optimism and vigour under the meticulous care of the teaching staff including extracurricular teachers, cooks and doctors. That is why they call the school their dear home.

On February 1, Juche 106 (2017), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the newly-built school. While looking round the school for a long time, he earnestly asked the officials and teachers of the school to take good care of the children, always remembering his wish, so that they could grow up uprightly, stoutly and cheerfully without an iota of sadness and worry.

Yun Kyong Nam, principal of the school, said, “True to his noble intention that nothing should be spared for children, we will bring up our students as pillars of the future.”

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