Ideals of the WPK (2)

The Single-hearted Unity

The single-hearted unity, the powerful driving force of socialist construction, has been the fundamental method by which the Workers’ Party of Korea has struck its roots deeper into the masses of the people and led the revolution and construction vigorously.

This is a truth confirmed by the history of the Korean revolution.

After its liberation from the Japanese military occupation on August 15, 1945, the country found itself in dire need of everything. Such being the situation, the WPK set forth the people-oriented policies, like democratic reforms, enlisting the people’s enthusiasm for building a new country, and the people accelerated the building of an independent and sovereign state in hearty response to its call.

Great victories and changes were etched in the annals of the developing revolution, like the Fatherland Liberation War, postwar reconstruction and socialist construction as the WPK trusted the people and the people absolutely supported it and invariably followed it.

Even in the mid-1990s, when the country had to experience hardships owing to the moves of the imperialists to isolate and stifle it, the people defended socialism on the strength of single-hearted unity.

As the Party and the masses achieved single-hearted unity, a harmonious whole, the strength of the country has been strengthened remarkably and the well-being and happiness of the people have been safeguarded despite manifold severe challenges and trials in recent years.

The invincible might of Korean-style socialism lies in this single-hearted unity, the great foundation of its revolution.

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