Afforestation Is Promoted under a Long-term Plan

The Hoechang County Forestry Management Station in South Phyongan Province is pushing ahead with afforestation in an effective way.

Over 82% of the county territory is covered with mountains 200m to 800m on average above sea level.

In conformity with such natural and geographical features, officials of the station have built a parent nursery of over 10 hectares, two blocks of 250㎡ greenhouses for cultivating saplings, a one-hectare outdoor cultivation ground and two circular cutting beds and are now promoting the work to turn all mountains of the county into useful ones under a long-term plan.

They introduced the gravitational irrigation system in the greenhouses and grew Larix leptolepis, pine-nut and chestnut saplings by applying a rational method and effective growth stimulants and nutrients.

On this basis, they planted various saplings of good species in over 1 000 hectares of mountains according to regions every year and ensured their survival rate by over 90%.

Along with this, they created forests of pine-nut and chestnut trees and mixed forests on a proper scale to fully provide raw materials and timber necessary for the foodstuff factory and other industrial establishments in the county.

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