To Afforest Mountains in Native Village

Kim Kwang Hun, a forest ranger of the Hoechang County Forest Management Station in South Phyongan Province, is a national meritorious person of socialist patriotism.

He started his career to afforest the mountains in his native village after he was discharged from military service.

Since then, he has climbed up and down deep valleys and rugged ridges for 15 years to create several tree nurseries on the non-farming land between forests in his charge. On this basis, he bred tens of thousands of saplings of good species and transplanted them in the mountains every year.

In the course of this, he produced many innovation plans and gained valuable experience.

He made painstaking efforts to develop new methods of cultivating saplings even in winter and exterminating Acantholyda sp., or a pine-nut tree leaf bee. His research findings have paid off in forest creation in the county.

Every year, he transplanted in the mountains the saplings of Larix leptolepis, pine-nut and chestnut trees he had cultivated with utmost concern, which now present a wonderful spectacle of dense forests in autumn.

He also created wild fruit tree forests and medicinal herb gardens in over 20 hectares by planting such trees as Schizandra chinensis, aralia shoots and aronia melanocarpa, and such plants as sunflowers and platycodon. They are now of great help in developing the economy and improving the people’s standard of living in the county.

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