Korean Youth at the Forefront of Building a Socialist Power

There are many establishments and organizations named after the youth in the DPRK, namely youth shock brigades, youth workteams and sub-workteams and youth coal mines.

And the architectural structures, such as Youth Street, Youth Hero Motorway and Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station, built by the young people are also named in honour of them.

The Korean young people are sensitive to the new and enterprising, and love the justice and truth.

Out of unanimous desire to create something new and push back the frontiers of science and technology, they are working fresh miracles and making innovations in the building of a powerful socialist country.

Over 60 youth shock brigades of the Pukchang Area Youth Coal-mining Complex, Tokchon Area Coal-mining Complex and other units in the coal-mining industry carried out the tasks set by the five-year strategy for national economic development ahead of schedule.

Last year, many youth workteams and subworkteams across the country, including those in the Sinam Cooperative Farm in Ryongchon County and Naejung Cooperative Farm in Yomju County, were honoured with the titles of high-yielding workteam and subworkteam.

The young people are also devoting their creative wisdom and enthusiasm to the campaign to pushing back the frontiers of science and technology.

Students of Kim Il Sung University, Kim Chaek University of Technology and University of Sciences took first places at the Codechef internet programming competitions held in 2020.

They are standing in the vanguard of those who volunteer to work in several sectors of the national economy, true to the intention of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Having left their native places and dear homes, they are working at the major construction and new development project sites, cooperative farms, road management agencies and other sectors, and teaching at schools in far-flung islands, frontline areas and remote mountain villages.

They display their ennobling traits of doing good for the benefit of society and the collective, and manage their beautiful life out of great attachment to their own things and full of optimism.

The torchlight procession of young vanguards held in October last year to celebrate the 75th founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea fully demonstrated the mettle of the Korean young people, who are growing up to be reliable successors to the revolution.

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