First Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist

These comments of the newspapers of various countries came as DPRK wrestler Kim Il won two golds at the 48 kg category freestyle wrestling event in the 25th Olympic Games in 1992 and in the 26th Olympic Games in 1996: His technique was a wow as the world said he is the strongest and he was filled with self-confidence and passion as was four years ago.

Kim Il has become the two-time Olympic champion for the first time in the DPRK.

He took up wrestling at the age of 12.

As a man with a good brain, a good level of physical fitness for a wrestler and burning passion, he won the then national sports clubs’ tournament on several occasions.

From then on, he stole the limelight of coaches of clubs and wrestling fans from across the country and started his career as a pro-wrestler at the Amnokgang Sports Club.

He honed his physical and technical skills to exalt the honour of the country, and was placed first in the world youth freestyle wrestling championships held in Czechoslovakia in July 1991 and the eighth Asian freestyle championships held in Iran in April 1992.

Without resting on his laurels, he put more spurs to his training to win the Olympic Games.

After a few months of his painstaking efforts, he was renowned for an Olympic gold medallist.

Kim bagged more than 10 medals including 7 golds during his career.

In recognition of his contributions to the national wrestling development, he was honoured with the titles of Labour Hero and People’s Athlete. Now he works as the secretary general of the DPRK Wrestling Association.

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