With a Single Mind to Faithfully Support the WPK

The Korean people, with self-respect and a high sense of pride in holding Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in the highest esteem as the general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, are now full of determination to faithfully support the leadership of the Party Central Committee.

Ra Sung Nam, deputy manager of the Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex, said: The workers of our complex, are filled with confidence as we elected the Supreme Leader as the general secretary of the WPK. Whatever trials and difficulties may lie in the way of our advance in the future, we will remain faithful to the leadership of the Party Central Committee with increased steel production.

Ri Myong Su, manager of Pit No. 5 of the Ryongdae Youth Coal Mine under the Sunchon Area Youth Coal-mining Complex, said: The Supreme Leader has always stood in the vanguard of leading the Korean revolution to victory in the face of severe trials. All our people cherished deep in their mind the truth of history that they will surely emerge victorious as long as they are led by him. We, coal miners, who have always responded heartily to the call of the Party Central Committee, will take the lead in the campaign for hitting the new strategic targets set by the Eighth Congress of the WPK by maintaining regular production of coal.

Jang Chang Nam, chairman of the management board of the Songsu Cooperative Farm in Songwon County, said: It is a great auspicious event which provides a sure guarantee for the bright future of Juche Korea and the eternal prosperity of the Korean nation that we had Marshal Kim Jong Un at the helm of our Party in reflection of the unanimous wish and desire of Party members and all other people. This year we will become genuine patriotic farmers who support the country with increased production of grains.

Sin Chang Hyon, a lecturer of Kim Il Sung University, expressed his will as follows: All the teaching staff and students of our university are filled with great excitement at the news that Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was elected as the general secretary of the WPK. True to the intention of the Supreme Leader who hopes for education to be the one which can take full responsibility for our future, I will devote myself to training more talented personnel.

Jon Min Chol, head of science office of the Koryo Medicine General Hospital, said: It is the greatest honour and happiness for us to have elected Marshal Kim Jong Un as the general secretary of the WPK who has always devoted himself to promoting the people’s health. True to his noble intention of loving the people, we will become genuine medical workers who dedicate everything for the improvement of their health.

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