Folk Song Ryonggangginari

From olden times, the Korean people created a number of folk songs reflecting their thoughts and feelings of working life.

Among them is Ryonggangginari, which was created in the Ryonggang area as a folk song representative of the northwestern provinces of Korea (present-day North and South Phyongan, Jagang, and North and South Hwanghae provinces).

It is uncertain when it was created, but it is considered to be made before the 18th century.

The song reflects the life and simple mentalities of locals in the western coast and embodies the fine melodic features as befitting a folk song of the northwestern provinces of Korea.

Its melody is full of speculative and appealing emotion and has attractive sounds.

The folk song began to be widely spread among the masses by folk singers in urban areas.

Thanks to the state policy for protection of cultural heritage, the song has been handed down to date and is being re-presented in various forms of music, including pieces of musical drama, instrumental music, female solo and mixed chorus.

It is a national intangible cultural heritage of the DPRK.

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