Excellent Place for a Holiday Camp for Scientists

Lake Yonphung, which covers an area of 14.58 square kilometres, is located in the middle part of Korea. It is used for dry-field irrigation, electricity generation and fish farming.

A holiday camp for scientists with a capacity of accommodating tens of people at a time stands on its picturesque shores. It consists of nine blocks and other buildings with a general service complex on the central axis.

Also found there are a multi-purpose outdoor playground, indoor and outdoor wading pools, a video room and angling site. A geothermal cooling and heating system is installed in the buildings.

Its separate buildings are linked with an 800-metre-long access corridor. The road and walkways are covered with blue stone.

It was seven years ago that the scientists holiday camp was built in such a place where one can feast on the natural beauty of the lake and its surrounding dense forest.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, right after giving field guidance at the State Academy of Sciences in January Juche 103 (2014), went to Lake Yonphung. Noting that its scenery is very beautiful and it is the best location, he stressed the need to build a holiday camp for scientists there so that scientists and technicians could have a good rest.

Later, he visited the construction site several times to give instructions on how to construct it wonderfully.

As a result, the Yonphung Scientists Holiday Camp was built in the thick forest in four months after its groundbreaking.

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