A Large, Harmonious Family

The word we is frequently used by the Korean people. This habit is closely associated with their ennobling mental qualities whereby they regard it as a human virtue to be more concerned with others than with themselves and do what they can for others.

The slogan “One for all and all for one!” reflects in a concentrated way the Korean people’s outlook on life. They respect and care for one another and live in harmony in a large family of socialism.

The whole country brims over with the social climate of taking good care of war veterans with no one to look after them, becoming eternal life companions of honoured disabled soldiers and respecting and according preferential treatment to the revolutionary elders. It has become commonplace to devote oneself for others without hesitation.

The Korean people regard it as their ennobling outlook on life to devote themselves for society and the collective. Pak Thae Son, a miner at the Kumgol Mine under the Komdok Mining Complex, Ri Chang Son, leader of a sub-workteam at the Ohyon Cooperative Farm, Yonan County, South Hwanghae Province, and others sacrificed their lives to save their fellow workers at a critical juncture. Their heroic deeds and feats remain etched in the memory of the Koreans.

The Korean people help and lead one another forward, sharing good times and bad when they are in difficulties.

Last year, various parts of the DPRK suffered severe damage simultaneously from flooding and typhoons that hit them in succession. However, the people across the country launched the reconstruction campaign, overcoming ordeals shoulder to shoulder with one another.

A large force of the civilian construction units and the Korean People’s Army units were deployed in the reconstruction project sites in Kangwon and North and South Hwanghae provinces. Elite divisions involving 12 000 members of the Workers’ Party of Korea in the capital city of Pyongyang were organized urgently, and dispatched immediately to North and South Hamgyong provinces. They built houses by working day and night with sincerity as if to build their own houses and villages, consoled the victims and rendered material and spiritual assistance to them.

The working people in different parts of the country also did their utmost in all sincerity for the victims. As a result, wonderful houses were built in the disaster areas in a short span of time.

It is a national trait of socialist Korea that all the people live in a harmonious family, sharing weal and woe and caring about and helping one another.

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