To Make Effective Use of Water

The Phungjong Cooperative Farm in Jungsan County, South Phyongan Province is benefitting much by reservoirs built in many places of tideland-turned fields.

Due to the drought caused by temperature rise and a long spell of high temperature, the farm had suffered from shortage of water for farming. Worse still, it was under more unfavourable watering conditions than other farms as it was located at the end of the irrigation system.

As it had many tideland-turned fields, it also needed much water to reduce the damage from salt water.

In the past, it had been fed by the Kaechon-Lake Thaesong Gravitational Waterway only to use the water during the farming season.

In order to make effective use of waste water, it built reservoirs in several high places.

And it even saved water used in the farming season in the reservoirs so as to recycle it.

Chu Myong Chol, a workteam leader of the farm, said: Now that we save much water in the reservoirs, we are free from worry about water not only in the farming season but in the drought season and high temperature. We are now in a position to do safe farming.

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