Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Continues Report on Work of the 7th Central Committee of the WPK

Second-day Session of the Eighth Congress of the WPK

Amid the elated spirit sweeping the whole country at the news of the opening of the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea, there took place the second-day session of the congress on January 6.

Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the WPK, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and Supreme Commander of the armed forces of the DPRK, continued his report on the work of the 7th Central Committee of the WPK following the first-day session.

Further rising is the enthusiasm of the participants in the congress who are listening carefully to the report on the work of the Party Central Committee which deals with the strategic and tactical policies to bring about another step forward in the course of the overall development of Korean-style socialist construction.

The report given at the second-day session analyzed the situation of the transport, capital construction and building-materials industry, communications, commerce, land and environment protection, urban management, external economic relations and other major sectors and economic management field, and presented the goals and practical ways for the relevant fields to make innovations and progress during a new five-year plan.

It also referred to the solutions to making a tangible turn in improving the people’s living standards by achieving planned and sustained growth of production in the sectors of agriculture, light industry and fishing industry and by developing cities and counties in an independent and many-sided way.

It reaffirmed an important will to reliably protect the security of the country and the people and the peaceful environment of socialist construction by placing the national defence capability on a higher level, and set forth goals for realizing it.

It put forward details of important tasks for promoting the sci-tech development of the country.

Listening to the report carefully, all the participants are making up their minds to strive for revolutionary work with a new confidence.

The report continues.


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