Unique Gymnastic Movements Named after DPRK Players

In the past, the gymnasts of the DPRK made remarkable achievements in developing the world gymnastics.

Ri Song Sop performed new thrilling movements in the horizontal bar of the 20th Olympic Games.

The International Gymnastic Federation decided to name the movements after him and inscribed them in the federation.

The movements Ri Chol Hon performed for the first time in the men’s pommel horse of the 21st World Gymnastics Championships were also named after him.

“Kim Kwang Suk Movements” were shown in the event of asymmetric bars of the 25th World Gymnastics Championships.

She took the first place in the 26th World Gymnastics Championships, too, by performing the movements recognized as one of the most difficult in the world.

At that time, International Herald Tribune and other world media reported that gymnastics experts and enthusiasts and the audience were all charmed by the DPRK player, and experts commented that hers were the best movements that were ever witnessed in competitions.

“Pak Kyong Sil Movements” and “Ri Jong Song Movements” also caused great sensations each in the asymmetric bars of the 25th World Gymnastics Championships and in the men’s floor exercise of the 28th Olympic Games.

Ri Se Gwang performed special movements in the men’s vaulting horse of the 5th Asian Gymnastics Championships and the 45th World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. The IGF named them as “Ri Se Gwang Movements-1”and “Ri Se Gwang Movements-2”.

Experts said that many gymnasts created their own movements but theirs were not as beautiful and elegant as his movements. And the publications described his movements as an advent of world-class movements and very venturous and thrilling movements.

The special movements performed by ace gymnasts of the DPRK have been recorded as unique in the world gymnastics circle.

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