Genuine Educationist

The history of the movement of Koreans in Japan records the exploits performed by genuine educational workers who devoted their all to accomplishing the patriotic cause of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon).

Among them is Nam Si U (July 1926-March 2007), winner of Kim Il Sung Prize and National Reunification Prize and former president of Korea University of Chongryon founded in April Juche 45 (1956).

Korea University located in Tokyo, Japan, is the highest institute for democratic national education of the Korean students in Japan.

Nam started his career as a lecturer when the university was established with 2 faculties involving 10 lecturers and over 60 students.

All the lecturers had little knowledge and experience in university education.

Informed of this, every year the government of the DPRK sent them textbooks, reference books and educational apparatuses and materials, as well as educational aid funds and stipends.

Thanks to the warm love and care of his motherland, Nam could try his best in his power indomitably for the development of education and the training of succeeding generation of Chongryon in the face of the vicious moves of the Japanese reactionaries to obliterate Korean national education.

During his visit to the motherland as a member of the second home-visiting group of educational workers of Korean residents in Japan in September Juche 63 (1974), he met President Kim Il Sung for the first time and received his precious instructions.

Later, Kim Il Sung met him and other lecturers and officials of Korea University on several occasions. He highly appreciated the exploits performed by them who were devoting their all to developing national education, becoming the roots and foundations in applying patriotism, and bestowed love and trust on them.

Working as a teacher, chief of the university affairs, vice-president and president of Korea University for nearly five decades since its founding, Nam dedicated his life to training the younger generation of Chongryon into national talents possessed of advanced scientific knowledge and reliable successors who would steadfastly carry on the patriotic movement, throwing in their lot with their socialist motherland in any adversity.

He was a talented poet as well as an excellent educationist. He wrote many books and poems conducive to promoting the patriotic movement of Koreans in Japan.

The collection of poems he wrote, including Into the Embrace of the MotherlandHymn to the Motherland and Song of Spring are still popular among the Koreans resident in Japan.

Nam Si U was elected Deputy to the Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK several times and served as an authorized representative of the DPRK at several international meetings.

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