Attracted by the Juche Idea

Among the adherents of the immortal Juche idea authored by President Kim Il Sung was Hans R. Klecatsky, former Austrian Minister of Justice and director-general of the International Institute of the Juche Idea.

Klecatsky, once got deeply involved in politics while making an in-depth study of capitalist law and political science, devoted almost all of his life to studying the capitalist society.

It was not until the early 1980s that he showed interest in the Juche idea. He was very doubtful about the news of the formation of the groups for the study of the Juche idea in several countries and regions of the world and their intensified study of the Juche idea.

What on earth is the Juche idea? Why is that idea spread so widely across the whole world?

Full of surprise and curiosity, he buckled down to his way of study into the idea.

Independence is the lifeblood of man, social being. Socio-political integrity is more precious than physical life for him. National liberation, class emancipation and human freedom should be realized in order to realize the full independence of the masses of the people.

He had along groped for the true road for a man to shape his destiny.

This being the situation, he visited the DPRK, the birthplace of the Juche idea, in October Juche 74 (1985).

Kim Il Sung met Klecatsky and his entourage on their visit to Pyongyang. Noting that people should launch a dynamic struggle to achieve global independence for their own happiness, he hoped they would join hands with the DPRK for achieving the independence of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Having witnessed the reality of the DPRK, where the Juche idea was thoroughly applied in all realms of society, Klecatsky made a determination to devote his remaining years to giving wide publicity to the immortal Juche idea.

In September 1986 Kim Il Sung met him who visited Pyongyang during his business trip to the International Institute of the Juche Idea in Japan.

Saying that he called him to have a meal with him, Kim Il Sung asked in detail about the latter’s health. At the table, he told him about his meeting with Kreisky, former Austrian prime minister, offered Korean specialties on the table to Klecatsky, explaining about them in detail, and told him of his opinion of the prevailing international situation.

Having met Kim Il Sung on several occasions, Klecatsky would say to other people: President Kim Il Sung’s humane love, heart and fragrance are so warm and ennobling that they attract all the people and make them respect and follow him.

The Austrian man devoted his all to giving publicity to the Juche idea to the last moment of his life.

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