Achievements in Fruit Farming

This year, workers of the fruit farming sector of the DPRK produced tens of thousands of tons of apples more as against last year.

The Taedonggang Combined Fruit Farm created new orchards with several species of tasty and high-yielding apple, grape, pear and other fruit trees and fertilized them in a scientific way.

Kwail County prevented damage from pests by making use of thousands of tons of superphosphate fertilizer and various agrochemicals and thus ensured the safety of fruit production.

Pukchong County applied tens of tons of vegetable agrochemicals effective in pest control to ensure the quality of fruits.

The Toksong Apple Farm produced tens of thousands of dwarf apple tree saplings with strong resistance to cold and conducted their cultivation in a responsible way to increase fruit production.

Besides, the Onchon Fruit Farm and the Sukchon Youth Fruit Farm improved the fertility of soil and ensured the nutrition of fruit trees.

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