A Year Resplendent with Proud Victories

The year 2020 was fraught with unprecedented difficulties for the Korean people. However, they, united as one, overcame every manner of challenges and trials and performed miraculous achievements, thus adorning the year with proud and great victories.

True to the revolutionary line of the Workers’ Party of Korea on launching a frontal offensive to achieve a breakthrough as required by the prevailing situation and the developing revolution, they turned out in the struggle to effect an upswing in production and construction from the outset of the year.

However, they were faced with serious challenges from the beginning of the year due to the outbreak of a world health crisis threatening the existence of mankind. The WPK took preemptive and proactive measures to prevent the virulent epidemic from entering the country and directed all its efforts to ensuring the safety of the people and security of the country.

Floods and typhoons hit the country in succession, posing another grave challenge for them. To cope with this situation, the WPK set the reconstruction of the disaster-stricken areas as the task of overriding importance and provided the disaster victims with living conditions better than before, thereby turning the misfortune into blessings.

In this course, the unbreakable blood ties between the WPK and the people were further consolidated and the whole country brimmed over with a social climate of sharing weal and woe with one another and helping and leading one another forward.

Various grand celebrations were held in the capital city of Pyongyang to mark the 75th founding anniversary of the WPK on October 10. These celebrations fully demonstrated the original people-friendly features of the WPK, the inexhaustible might of the country, the single-hearted unity of the WPK and the people and the unshakable faith of the Korean people advancing towards socialism.

With the WPK’s founding anniversary as a momentum, the revolutionary enthusiasm of the Korean people was markedly roused. With a view to keeping their uplifted spirit and thus successfully winding up the year-end struggle and maximizing the significance of its Eighth Congress slated for January 2021, the WPK called on all the Korean people to wage an 80-day campaign.

During the 80-day campaign, the barrier to check the inflow of world-sweeping malignant epidemic was further strengthened throughout the country and the reconstruction projects were finished with flying colours. Innovations were achieved one after another every day in all sectors and units of the national economy.

While surmounting harsh trials this year, the Korean people became more capable of overcoming themselves and living in their own way and realized more keenly the iron truth that victories and glory would be in store for them as long as they faithfully support the leadership of the WPK.

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