To Boost Livestock Products

Officials in South Hwanghae Province achieved successes in the work to build up the foundations for boosting livestock products which would be of great significance in developing the economy and improving the people’s living standards in the province.

They built the Haeju Poultry Breeding Farm, Ongjin Rabbit Breeding Farm, the Jaeryong Breeding Farm, the Sinwon Livestock Farm and the Thaethan Sheep Breeding Farm to secure fine breeds and established strict anti-epizootic systems there. They are also promoting the project to renovate the Yonan Duck Farm and other stockbreeding bases.

The Haeju Poultry Breeding Farm will breed a large number of domestic animals, including chicken, duck and goose, to supply them to cities and counties, and the Thaethan Breeding Farm and the Sinwon Livestock Farm are in a position to raise hundreds of sheep and cattle a year, and the Ongjin Rabbit Breeding Farm, tens of thousands of baby rabbits.

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