A Sailor’s Image on Tombstone

In October Juche 102 (2013), sailors of the Navy of the Korean People’s Army died accidentally while performing their combat duty.

On receiving the report, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un asked officials repeatedly if it was true.

Later, he gave an instruction for their unit to send him their photos in order to create their images to be put on the tombstones.

While examining the photos of the fallen sailors one by one sorrowfully, he gazed at a sailor’s photo with his eyes closed.

He then was buried in deep thought for a while. He called an official and said that he had had a photo taken with the sailors during his inspection of the unit last year and that there must be the sailor’s image.

The image of the sailor with his eyes open in the photo was so small that even his parents could not recognize him.

So, the Supreme Leader made painstaking efforts to use it as the sailor’s photo for tombstone, examining the photo six times.

Thanks to his meticulous care, the sailor’s image with his eyes open in the photo could be put on the tombstone.

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