A Proud Year

The year 2020, which was beset with unprecedented difficulties, is drawing to a close.

As they have surmounted the difficulties, helping and leading one another forward, the Korean people look back upon this year with great pride and self-confidence.

This year they have faced with gruelling ordeals owing to a world health crisis that coincided with natural disasters caused by floods and typhoons hit the DPRK in succession. However, they have braved all challenges and difficulties, united around the Workers’ Party of Korea with a single mind.

The WPK has taken many important measures to get closer to the people with intimate feelings and ease the inconvenience and suffering of the disaster victims as soon as possible. The people have supported, accepted and implemented the Party’s decisions with highly voluntary unity and unity of their act.

In those days, Chairman Kim Jong Un of the WPK inspected the disaster areas in North and South Hwanghae, Kangwon and South Hamgyong provinces to learn about the damages there and took concrete steps for reconstruction.

The reconstruction of the stricken areas was defined as the forefront on which the Party and the state must focus an all-out effort. The immediate goal of the reconstruction effort was to provide all the victims with the new houses before the arrival of winter cold.

Powerful reconstruction forces throughout the country, including Korean People’s Army units and the divisions of Party members from the capital city of Pyongyang were promptly dispatched to the damaged areas and building materials were transported by land and sea on a top priority basis.

Industrial establishments strove to supply building materials and daily necessities to the damaged areas, and the people across the country consoled and sincerely supported the disaster victims.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the KPA service personnel, all the builders and volunteers who turned out in hearty response to the call of the WPK, miraculous achievements were brought about in the damaged areas and the disaster victims moved into their new houses in smile and tears.

Yun Kwang Ju, assistant manager of the Pyongyang Municipal General Passenger Traffic Service Enterprise says: “Still I can’t forget the days when I worked for the reconstruction of a damaged area as a member of the division of Party members from the capital city. The whole Party and all the people struggled together to overcome trials and difficulties, in the course of which the single-hearted unity of our society has been consolidated rock-solid. This year’s struggle has proved once more that no trials and ordeals can check the advance of the Korean people who are rallied firmly behind their Party.”

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