Dwelling Houses Newly Built

A thousand and hundreds of houses went up in the Kwangchon area of North Hwanghae Province.

Various forms of single- and low-storey houses incorporating formative and artistic beauty and provided with all necessary living conditions and environment were built in the feed supply farms of the Kwangchon Chicken Farm on the principle of prioritizing convenience and aesthetic beauty.

Different kinds of trees including fruit ones such as apricot and persimmon trees and other kinds of trees of good species were also planted and lawns created around the houses in the new villages.

Ceremonies of moving into new houses took place in villages in Kwangchon, Jangsa and Hukkyo farms respectively on December 27.

After speeches, house licenses were given to farm workers.

Then, residents moved into their new houses amid the congratulations of service personnel of the Korean People’s Army and other builders.

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