Jagang Province Increases Generating Capacity

This year, Jagang Province boosted its generating capacity of ten thousand and hundreds of kW more by building several small- and medium-scale power stations or expanding their capacities.

It built Hungju Youth Power Station No. 4 by taking advantage of the features of the Jangja River basin.

Tongsin County finished the project of waterway tunnel and spillway dam of Tongsin Power Station No. 3 in a short period of time and stepped up the assembly of generating equipment to boost the generation of electricity.

Kophung County built Kophung Power Station No. 3, Wiwon County, Togam Youth Power Station, and the provincial prospecting management bureau, Muson Power Station No. 3.

The Usi Mine finished the construction of a power station by itself and ensured its trial run successfully.

Jonchon County completed a project for renovation and expansion of the Changjin Power Station and upgrading of its equipment to markedly boost its generating capacity as against the previous period.

While speeding up the construction of power stations, Janggang, Hwaphyong and other counties are directing efforts to increasing the amount of electricity through technical updating of generating equipment.

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