Folk Song Singosan Ballad

Among the national intangible heritage is a folk song Singosan Ballad created in the Singosan area of Kangwon Province.

It was sung first as a folk song in the area of the east coast. In the mid-1910s, a new village came into being in the Kosan area and began to be called “Singosan” meaning the new Kosan. Its villagers sang the song with a word “singosani” at the beginning of the verse. Since then, the song was named Singosan Ballad.

The song began to be rapidly spread across the country from the early 1930s when it was put on a record.

Before Korea’s liberation (August 1945), the words of the song contained romantic contents and vulgar expressions. After liberation, it was rewritten by reflecting the fresh and good feelings of the people’s life and has been handed down by amateur artistic group members and artistes.

For its excellent melody, its words have been adapted afresh.

Still today, the locals in the Mt. Kumgang area, including Kosong County of Kangwon Province, enjoy dancing parties, singing the folk song on national holidays and days off.

Pyongyang Kim Won Gyun University of Music and other educational institutions teach the song to the rising musicians, and national art troupes put the song on the stages.

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