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Today the DPRK is overflowing with a social climate of respecting and giving prominence to war veterans who defended the country at the cost of their blood during the Fatherland Liberation War (1950-1953).

Kim An Suk, a war veteran, lives in Neighbourhood Unit No. 30, Chongnyon-dong, Kusong City, North Phyongan Province. Hers is called a large family.

It is not just because she has five children but because the house is frequented by many visitors not only on national holidays and days off but also in ordinary times.

The teaching staff including Choe Song Bong of Kusong College of Technology, and Jang Chol Hyon and Myong Son Hui working at the Kusong City Cooperative Farm Management Committee are taking good care of her health and living as they would do their own family.

Ryu Sun Ok, a woman living in the same neighbourhood unit, is also devoting her sincerity as if she is her real daughter.

The same is the case with Kim Ho who is the head of a faculty of Kim Chaek University of Technology.

He established his relationship with her family scores of years ago. Though he is now living in Pyongyang, his special affection and sincerity for the war veteran remains unchanged.

Many people are living harmoniously as family members of the war veteran.

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