World’s Greatest Kidnapper Is Japan

Not long ago, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato uttered nonsense about the abduction issue at an international seminar held in Tokyo Metropolis.

He reportedly said that the Japanese government is doing its best steadily to realize the repatriation of all abductees at the earliest date possible.

At a meeting he also called for “quick repatriation of the victims of abduction,” saying “the abduction issue is the most important task for the Suga regime” and it is his duty to “clear Japan of its unfortunate past and aspire to normalization of diplomatic relations by settling the abduction issue.”

It seems as if he works hard to give impression that he fulfils his duty as minister in charge of the abduction issue. In view of his repeated stinging rubbish against the DPRK, it is apparent that he is steeped in hostility towards the DPRK to the marrow of his bone.

Explicitly speaking again, the abduction issue oft-repeated by Japan had already been settled.

Though well aware of it, the Japanese politicians are clamouring about “solidarity with the international community” over the abduction issue. It is intended to tarnish the image of the DPRK in the international arena and abuse the abduction issue for their political purpose.

It is the height of shamelessness peculiar to Japan that it passes itself off as a victim of “abduction” in a bid to sweep under the carpet the heinous crimes it had committed by abducting millions of Koreans and inflicting indescribable mental and physical pain upon them and dodge its atonement for its crime-woven past at any cost.

The DPRK is the victim in this regard.

As has been proved by history, Japan is the world’s greatest war criminal state and kidnapper on record.

When Japan occupied Korea by force in the previous century, it abducted and dragged some 8.4 million innocent Koreans to battlefields for its wars of aggression and medieval slave labour sites, killed more than one million of them, and forced 200 000 women into sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army. All these crimes perpetrated by Japan are undeniable.

Far from honestly reflecting on and atoning for its past stained with hideous abduction, Japan persists in committing sins.

By egging on the notorious anti-DPRK plot-makers including the “investigation council for specific missing persons,” Japan has cooked up a series of “abduction” farces and made no scruple of disguising missing Japanese as “victims of abduction by the north.”

It is utterly preposterous that a criminal state, Japan, makes a fuss over the issue of abduction by someone.

Japan’s atonement for the past is the exact issue to be internationalized and the political issue to be settled without fail.

But Japan seeks to justify its crime-woven history and dodge the atonement for its past, which constitutes an intolerable insult and challenge to the Korean people and mockery of human conscience.

Japan should get rid of its vicious look as the world’s number one kidnapper to begin with, before talking about the abduction issue.

Its moves to brush aside the atonement for the crime-woven past and desperate pursuance of hostility towards the DPRK will only deepen the Korean people’s hatred against it.

The Japanese regime should clearly understand this.


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