Legendary Crack Shot

In September Juche 24 (1935), the anti-Japanese war heroine Kim Jong Suk joined the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army (KPRA) in Chechangzi, Antu County of China.

That day, she was awarded a rifle. She expressed her determination as follows: I will take this one rifle, associated with the blood of the revolutionary forerunners and the people’s desire for national liberation, as one hundred rifles and one bullet as one hundred bullets to shoot the enemy.

She made painstaking efforts to prepare herself to be a soldier of the KPRA in a short period of time, taking active part in shooting practice, guerrilla tactical training, political study, etc.

In the course of this, she possessed excellent marksmanship of hitting even a standing matchstick with a single shot.

A grand shooting competition of the KPRA units was held in the presence of Commander Kim Il Sung in March 1944. At that time, she won the highest points and was awarded a pistol by the Commander.

During the anti-Japanese war, Kim Il Sung formed a crack-shot team to cope with the enemy’s “tactics of tenacious long-distance pursuit”. Kim Jong Suk was involved in the team.

One day, the enemy, with tens of army dogs at their head, attacked the guerrillas. In such critical situation, she, together with her teammates, fired a volley of shots to destroy all the dogs, with the result that the enemy gave up their pursuit.

In a battle, she killed an enemy commander at the first shot as soon as an order was issued to fire, and then officers to neutralize the enemy’s commanding system. And once, she cut the enemy’s telephone line with a single shot.

As she shot to death any enemies within the range of her gunsight, her colleagues would say that her bullets had eyes.

One day two years after Korea’s liberation (August 15 1945), officials had a live firing exercise in the presence of Kim Il Sung on the shores of the Taedong River.

Targets were bottles floating on the waves of the river. Stykov, a general of the then Soviet Army stationed in Korea, asked Kim Jong Suk to have a try.

She took a pistol and hit all the targets in an instant. Stykov was struck with admiration at her marksmanship.

Later, Kim Il Sung said to officials that Kim Jong Suk was good at shooting and saved him several times from danger during the anti-Japanese armed struggle.

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