December 15 Quality Medal Winners

December 15 Quality Medals were awarded to over 10 products made by several industrial establishments.

Mindulle-brand notebooks including drawing and handicraft books and drawing paper for kindergarteners and students for primary schools and junior and senior middle schools from the Mindulle Notebook Factory and Kaesong Koryo insam lotion (astringent and moisturizing) and other products from the Kumgangsan Joint Venture Company are winning favour among users for their high qualities.

Lyophilized pollack, fish sausage, fish balls and rolled fish paste from the Kalma Foodstuff Factory and Hungnam Taegyong General Fishery Station are also enjoying great popularity.

From Juche 103 (2014), the DPRK confers on an annual basis the December 15 Quality Medal on the products when they won quality certification and can make inroads into international market, are favoured by people for their high qualities, and bring benefits to them.

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