Admiration of Stykov

Among foreigners who boundlessly admired President Kim Il Sung was Stykov, the first ambassador of the USSR to the DPRK.

Kim Il Sung established ties with Stykov in the Far East region of Russia before Korea’s liberation (August 1945).

Whenever he met with Vasilievsky, Malinovsky, Zhukov, Zhdanov and Stalin, Stykov was always present there.

Right after Korea’s liberation, Kim Il Sung had an unofficial meeting with Stalin.

At a dinner party after talks with Kim Il Sung, Stalin expressed his admiration for the former: You have a profound knowledge of all matters at the age of thirty-four. You analyze and assess all problems precisely.

Kim Il Sung said with modesty that the historical situations of Korea had taught him a lot. Looking at him, Stykov felt afresh that he was a great man. Later, he exerted great efforts to do something good for Korea.

As head of the Soviet delegation to the Joint USSR-US Commission organized by the decision of the Moscow conference of three foreign ministers, he conducted energetic diplomatic activities for the reunification and independent development of Korea. After the establishment of the ambassador-level diplomatic relations between the two countries, he worked as the first ambassador of the USSR to the DPRK.

Whenever he had to speak to Kim Il Sung over the telephone, he always kept standing to show respect for him. And he always primped himself before meeting Kim Il Sung.

During the Fatherland Liberation War (June 1950-July 1953) he was all the more attracted by the personality of Kim Il Sung who was leading the Korean people along the road to victory with optimism in the future even in the harsh circumstances.

So, Stykov expressed his belief to the Korean officials: The Korean people who are led by Comrade Kim Il Sung will surely emerge victorious in the war. I can picture in my mind the venerable image of Kim Il Sung reviewing the ranks of military parade of heroes in the square where fireworks set off in celebration of victory in the war.

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